About the DIY Credit Repair Toolkit

The first in the DIY Law Series™ is the DIY Credit Repair Toolkit™ that recognises that there is no reason why you cannot simply fix your own credit record and that doing this would not cost you anything but your time. Free credit repair is an option people should be encouraged to take as enlisting the services of a lawyer is not always essential.

The DIY Credit Repair Toolkit™ will allow you to successfully repair your own credit record as it provides you with clear and simple guidelines on how to fix it and improve your credit score. There are no tricks to repairing your credit record – only knowledge of the process and how it works.

DIY Credit Repair Toolkit


Features of the DIY Credit Repair Toolkit include:

  • Accounts you do not have to pay
  • How to deal with debt collectors and debt harassment
  • How to improve your credit score
  • How to obtain your credit report
  • Interpreting and understanding your credit report
  • How to correct incorrect information on your credit report
  • How to remove negative adverse listings, also known as default listings, from your credit report
  • What information cannot be recorded and stored on your credit report
  • How to remove a paid up judgment
  • How to rescind a magistrate court judgment
  • How to check if a judgment was validly obtained
  • How to cancel an  administration order
  • How to remove a High Court judgment listed on your credit report
  • What you need to know before you settle any of your accounts
  • Negotiate a reduced settlement amount when settling an account
  • Your right to obtain a statement of account
  • What to do when you dispute details on a statement of account
  • What to do if a credit provider refuses to give you a statement of account
  • The maximum length of time that negative information will reflect on your credit record
  • The right to apply for credit
  • What to do when you have fallen behind on payments for your home or motor vehicle
  • What you need to know when standing surety for someone
  • What to look out for when shopping for credit
  • Why has your credit application been declined?
  • Cancelling your credit agreement before it expires
  • How to deal with the sheriff of the court

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