Credit Restoration and Credit Repair

Pre-defined consumer and credit law issues include the following:

Reckless credit determinations

Reviewing credit applications that have been declined and enforcing the right to reasons if a credit application is declined

Disputing incorrect information on credit reports

Removal of negative payment profile information

Removal of default and adverse listings

Updating of payment profile information

Removal of trace alert listings

Removal of paid up judgments

Liaising with sheriffs and creditors to stay any warrant of execution where the consumer has valid grounds to do so

Cancellation of administration orders

Cancellation or reducing Emolument Attachment orders

Withdrawal and cancellation of Debt Review

Debt mediation

Negotiating informal debt arrangements on behalf of consumers with creditors attorneys

Formal debt review where necessary

Rescission and cancellation of High Court judgments – only where good cause can be shown and the judgment has been erroneously granted

Liaising with debt collectors

Sequestration and bankruptcy issues

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