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South African Law Centre is a registered non-profit organization, created to improve access to justice by providing assistance, information and knowledge to help cultivate a society that has a better understanding of the laws that govern it. It was founded by well-known consumer and credit law activists and Attorneys of the High Court of South Africa, Nicky Campbell and Stephen Logan in 2010.

South African Law Centre seeks to broaden access to justice by assisting the vulnerable in society to obtain justice and legal assistance. Its main registered object is to engage in public benefit activity by providing legal services and promoting excellence in legal studies and legal assistance. We believe that this is a noble cause and addresses a very real need. With less than 25 000 attorneys and over 50 000 000 South Africans we have, at best, one attorney for every 2 000 legal residents (excluding an estimated 5 million or more illegal immigrants). The real situation is actually far worse than these numbers suggest as very few people can actually afford legal services.

South African Law Centre therefore assists members of the public in need of legal services who ordinarily cannot afford legal fees or can only afford very low fees and also publishes legal booklets and legal self-help guides and legal news relevant to South Africans. The publications and guides are written by fellows of South African Law Centre who are leading lawyers and legal experts in their respective fields of practice and are designed to provide a better understanding of legal processes. As far as possible, the publications and legal self-help guides are designed to equip the reader with the necessary skills to practically implement the acquired knowledge, thereby providing a real understanding of the relevant laws and legal processes.

Why We Are Non-Profit

All earnings by SALC are used to fund operations, pay staff wages, finance public workshops, and fund bursaries for legal studies. As a result, South African Law Centre was converted from a private company to an association under section 21 on the 6th of May 2010 and registered under NPO registration no.: 2010/008904/21).
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