Consumer Law Services

Consumer law services include the enforcement of the following consumer rights:

The right to equal access to the consumer market and protection against discriminatory marketing

Right to privacy and the right to restrict unwanted marketing

The consumer’s right to choose which includes the consumer’s right to select suppliers, cancel fixed-terms agreements and cancel advance reservations, bookings or orders.

The consumer’s right to disclosure and information, including the right to information in plain and understandable language, the right to be given a sales record and full disclosure of the price of any goods or services.

The right to fair and responsible marketing and promotion;

The right to honest dealing and fair agreements which in turn prohibits any supplier from using physical force against a consumer, coercion, undue influence, pressure, duress or harassment or any other unfair tactics when marketing goods or services or when demanding or collecting payment for goods or services.

The right to fair value, good quality and safety which includes the consumer’s right to demand quality service as well as the right to safe, good quality goods that are usable for a reasonable period. An important extension of this right is the implied warranty of quality given by the retailer that the goods will be safe and of a good quality for a minimum period of six months.

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