E-tolls and the Consumer Protection Act

This article was contributed by Schindlers Attorneys Tel:  (011) 448 9641  ● www.schindlers.co.za ● By Chantelle Gladwin, Partner and Nikita Theodosiou, Candidate Attorney Introduction The Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 (‘the CPA’) is no doubt a very important, and very influential, piece of legislation in South African law and its enactment has given many consumers the confidence to […]

The Legality of Municipal Charges for Exclusive Use Areas

This article was contributed by Schindlers Attorneys: Tel:  (011) 448 9678 ● www.schindlers.co.za ● It considers whether it is lawful for a municipality to charge rates, refuse, and sewer charges in respect of Exclusive Use Areas. For the content of this debate, “Exclusive Use Areas” should be understood generally to refer to all properties (or rights to […]

Compensation for City Of Johannesburg’s Negligence/Failures

Written and contributed by Ramon Pereira, Candidate Attorney and Chantelle Gladwin, Partner Schindlers Attorneys Tel:  (011) 448 9663 ● www.schindlers.co.za ● Introduction  A question commonly asked by consumers is whether the COJ will be compensating them for their difficulty in dealing with the COJ in investigating, and resolving their queries.  This is because it can take months (or […]

Ponzi Schemes -Spotting a deal that’s too good to be true

Contribution by Viv Govender – Vunani Private Clients In 1920 an Italian American called Charles Ponzi was running a company called the Securities Exchange Company. Mr Ponzi had come up with a scheme that was supposed to return 400% on your investments. This was vastly more than you would get at any bank and thus […]

Ads that read “Blacklisted welcome” to apply for credit are ILLEGAL!

The National Credit Regulator issues a Compliance Notice to Junk Mail Publishing (Pty) Ltd for contravention of the National Credit Act The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has announced today that it has issued a Compliance Notice to Junk Mail Publishing (Pty) Ltd (Junk Mail), the publisher of Auto Mart car magazine, for publishing advertisements for […]

Emailed Newsletter – April 2014: Exactly what does the “credit amnesty” mean?

CLICK here for a PDF version of our April edition: How Does the Credit Amnesty Work CREDIT AMNESTY” EXPLAINED Government Gazette number 37386 sets out the Removal of Adverse Consumer Information and Information relating to Paid up Judgments Regulations 2014 and these Regulations shall come into effect on 1st of April 2014. The aforementioned Regulations […]

The Debt Counselling Process

The Debt Counselling Process outlined in the National Credit Act relies on several key sections. This is how the sections interact with each other Section 129 provides that a credit provider may not commence legal proceedings until they have given the consumer notice that they may approach a debt counsellor (“DC”), alternative dispute resolution agent, […]

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