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About us:

South African Law Centre is a non-profit publisher, educator, trainer and legal services provider. Our objective to improve access to justice.

We provide affordable legal services by practicing attorneys for consumers who do not qualify for legal aid, but cannot afford the usual/standard fees charged by most attorneys. The attorneys we use are handpicked for their service excellence as well as their practical experience. Through regular review, we ensure that the services provided by these attorneys do not fall short on quality.

We also publish a regular newsletter, SmarterConsumer, which provides snippets of legal information and news that is useful to the consumer as a reference tool when encountering certain real life situations.

South African Law Centre also publishes the DIY Law Series. This consists of affordable legal self-help toolkits and booklets that provide step-by-step instruction and practical guidance on how to achieve specific legal objectives, without necessarily having to incur high legal bills. The first of these toolkits is the DIY Credit Repair Toolkit. 

The contents of our legal newsletter and the DIY Law Series, are authored by legal professionals with practical experience in the areas which they write about.

Beyond publishing, South African Law Centre also offers legal education and training to companies and industries by way of seminars and workshops. Our training and education efforts are two-pronged. Companies make use of our services to train their employees in compliance matters and customer facing roles that require specific legal knowledge. Companies use our education services for their staff wellness programs, empowering their employees with consumer rights education, which encompasses financial literacy education.

Under the banner of SmarterConsumer, South African Law Centre also hosts free workshops for under-serviced and disadvantaged communities. The workshops provide general consumer rights education.

Our seminars and workshops are facilitated by highly regarded legal and other professionals, and we always aim to have a regulatory official present at our compliance seminars for possible questions and matters of clarification. Companies are also welcome to contact us for any training requirements they might have and we arrange tailor made solutions according to their needs.

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Affordable Legal Services:

Credit record and credit profile repair

Arrest and bail


Ante and Post-nuptual Contracts

Wills, Testaments and Administration of Deceased Estates

Consumer disputes

Municipal law for consumers

Other Consumer Services:

Debt Review



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