South African Law Centre – consumer justice for all

We publish legal booklets, consumer self-help guides and legal news relevant to consumers. These publications aim to empower consumers to better understand legal processes that affect their lives, to do their own legal work where possible, and to be better aware of their rights. South African Law Centre also welcomes any submissions by professionals for publication to our newsletter subscribers.

South African Law Centre provides access to certain affordable legal services. These services are also available to companies and organisations who wish to assist their employees deal with common legal problems that negatively affect productivity. These include forensic services such as auditing of emolument attachment orders, and fees or monies paid as a result of these.

We assist consumers in financial distress with debt mediation, debt review and other legal means to ease the burden of over-indebtedness.

Communities can also benefit from our public workshops and seminars, where we provide education on specific legal topics that affect consumers directly.

Attorneys may also use South African Law Centre as a conduit to provide easy access to consumers in need of pro-bono services. Thus, we assist attorneys to meet their regulatory obligations in this regard.


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