About the South African Law Centre

South African Law Centre is a registered non-profit organization, created to improve access to justice by providing information and knowledge to help cultivate a society that has a better understanding of the laws that govern it. People need to be able to access legal expertise quickly and to be able to find practical answers to common legal problems. It was founded by well-known consumer law activists and Attorneys of the High Court of South Africa, Nicky Campbell and Stephen Logan.

South African Law Centre seeks to broaden access to justice by assisting the vulnerable in society to obtain justice and legal assistance. Its aim is to foster legal education and development by cultivating a society that has easy access to a better understanding of the laws that govern it. We believe that this is a noble cause and addresses a very real need. With less than 28 000 attorneys and over 50 000 000 South Africans we have, at best, one attorney for every 2 000 legal residents (excluding an estimated 5 million or more illegal immigrants). The real situation is far worse than these numbers suggest as very few people can in fact afford legal services. For this reason, South African Law Centre was founded and has since developed the legal information portal, www.salawcentre.org.za / www.salc.co.za.

The site provides:

  1. Legal information and resources to commonly posed legal issues;
  2. Free and easy access to most of the laws of our country;
  3. Seminars for consumers and businesses;
  4. Access to our Fellows, that have specialized skill in certain areas of law, including some leading attorneys and advocates, who contribute their time to answer and assist consumers at no cost as far as possible.; Click here for More.
  5. Legal self-help toolkits and booklets that provide step-by-step instruction and practical guidance on how to achieve specific legal objectives;
  6. Access to affordable legal services and advise.

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